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5 Latest Erotic Stories

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    by: Ginger0179
    Nile didn't do it consciously. She didn't plan for it beforehand, she just found herself doing it on that night in a strange city where she knew no one, although later she realized she'd been preparing for it for years. She knew where the...
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    4 years ago
  • by: webmaster
    We stepped off the plane in Jamaica and the company rep was waiting with our car. Because of work and social obligations with the large company staff in Jamaica, Sondra and I had little time to misbehave. Finally, we were finished, and at our host...
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    5 years ago
  • by: webmaster
    The next day, we caught a short island-hopping flight to our next port-of-call. It was the opposite of our little cottage. This time, we were staying at a very posh, high-rise resort hotel. After checking out the view from our room, wh...
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    5 years ago
  • by: webmaster
    Last year, I was recruited by a large international company based in London. The package that they offered me was too good to turn down, and one of the most pleasant perquisites was a working tour of the resorts it owned and managed. My wife, Sondra,...
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    5 years ago
  • by: webmaster
    “So tell me, how did you get my name?” asked Sergio while he was in the process of setting up his massage table. “I got it from Donna Atkins, she says you come very highly recommended.” “Wel...
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    5 years ago

5 Latest Erotic Stories

  • K
    by: brifer
    Bro, wait! Si Phil. How's life bro, tanong ko kay Phil, mukhang malungkot eh.Well, I visited Viola sa bahay nila last night, sagot nya. Uy serious ka talaga ha, kantyaw ko naman. Yun nga, very serious ako. I even gathered enough courage to talk...
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    31 minutes ago
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    by: Crystalite
    She was standing near the window, a cigarette in one hand, and the other hand on her waist. It was almost five in the afternoon. Looking down, she admired the traffic that seemed to fill the streets, like ants scurrying up and down, searching for foo...
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    1 hour ago
  • by: Gene696969
    Karugtung-Hanggang sa makatulog ako ay hindi na sumagot si misis sa aking message.Kinabukasan, ay wala na si misis paggising ko at umuna na raw sa office, maya maya pa ay umalis na rin ang mga yaya para ihatid ang mga bata....
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    2 hours ago
  • G
    by: Taquitos
    Nangungusap ang mga mata ni Grace na parang sinasabi niyang 'dahan dahanin mo', ngunit sa aking init ay mukang hindi ko ito kaya. Unti unti kong bibinaon ang aking titi sakanyang puke. Bakas sa muka niya ang at hapdi. Masikip ang pakiramdam sa loob n...
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    9 hours ago
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    by: Nenokmo
    May-ari ako ng isang maliit na computer shop dito sa isang bayan sa Bulacan. Malapit lamang sa eskuwelahan kung kaya madalas ay marami akong customers. Sa kabilang bayan ako talaga nakatira pero mas maganda ang location ng nakuha kong puwesto kung ka...
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    12 hours ago

5 Latest Sex Tips

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    by: JohnPaul
    #1 The Cat This one is similar to the standard missionary position. He enters you, then he moves his body up slowly until he's as high as he can get without hurting either of you. Instead of thrusti...
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    4 years ago
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    by: webmaster
    Domains, and
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    5 years ago
  • by: wolf69
    Sports trainers and athletes have always known about the magical qualities of moist heat. Nothing soothes and relaxes the muscles faster and more efficiently. One of them may have even come up with this technique. Here's Wh...
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    6 years ago
  • by: blogcams247
    Women have a tendency to be passive when it comes to conversations about sex. You might think that your woman seems to enjoy this part of your relationship. However, you are not sure about what she really feels. Yes, relationship is not all about sex...
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    6 years ago
  • by: webmaster
    Sex is not all about doing it in the bed. The three attributes that can help you in building an effective relationship with women include - your caring nature, communication skills and your confident attitude. ‘Lusty talk’ during sex can...
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    6 years ago